Emerging Artist, sV, Is Set To Release Latest Album Called “Anxious Album”

sV, an emerging R&B artist that has lived and traveled all over the world, has an upcoming album release that will be entitled Anxious Album, with the lead track being “Questions (can u).” sV recently has been working in China as a music producer for Korean and Chinese acts. Other than music, sV utilizes clothing and fashion design as another creative outlet.

Musically, Anxious Album will have a variety of different sounds to create a unique soundscape for each song and “Questions (can u)” is a particular embodiment of this musical capability. This lead single heavily features a piano accompaniment to the lyrics that help foster an intimate woefulness that corresponds very strongly with the lyrical matter of the song.

Similarly, the lyrical prowess of sV’s Anxious Album is highlighted on each of its tracks but most significantly through “Questions (can u).” By highlighting mental health and exploring his own emotions, sV brings about an intimate, raw experience for the listener through his lyrics that are so accurately fitting for the accompanying music. Through whispers, sV is able to craft a particular sound that fits its message of longing, mental health, and accepting that there may not be answers to our most important questions.

“I created this album at the height of my depression. After years of not being able to create anything. The album is dedicated to my cousin who passed three years ago. Bringing mental health to the forefront; the impact of anxiety, depression, and stress in one.” – sV

sV’s Anxious Album is set to be released on September 20th.

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Words by Brendon Gardner